Über uns

A little bit "about us" in english



Kennel Interview “Turella’s” smooth collies  (januar 2009)


   1.When did you start breeding and what is the story behind your affix ?

 I became interested in smooth collies 1990. 1991 I got my first smooth collie, a 4 month old tricolour female – Ch. Karenclan’s Ultra (Ch. Foxearth Freenan x Karenclan’s Kate Gamona), called “Conny” from Finland.

 My affix was registered 1993. My kennel name should be short and easy to remember. I send 3 to the FCI and they choose and register for me the third one, which was Turella’s.

Together with "Conny"


    2.Your first smooth collie litter ? How did you proceed from that ?

 My first litter was born in dezember 1993 out of  “Conny”. Sire was the in Denmark living sable & white male Ch. Sunsweet Smooth Operation ( Boubon’s Proper Joe x Ch. Dalimattas Future Flora). Unfortunatedly Conny died at 5 years of age after giving birth to her second litter, on eklamsia.

1994 I could  export a bitch in whelped from GB. It was Ch. Foxearth Fire Imp - “Meg”( Foxearth Fido x Foxearth Formula) in whelped after Ch. Sharidon Silver Phantom at Foxearth. “Meg” give birth to one tricolour female puppy, which became Ch. Turella’s Bea. She went to Mrs Harth “Ihlpol collies” and later on to “of PercysHome” kennel from Gisbert and Manuela Schaffert, where she became the foundation bitch.

19994 there came a second dog from the Foxearth kennel to me. The blue merle male Ch. Foxearth Future Legend – “Tim”, who went 1997 to my friend in Finland, Marina Isaksson kennel “Colombian Friend’s”.

Ch Foxearth Future Legend & Ch. Foxearth Fire Imp

From Marina I got one of  “Tims” doughters, the beautiful blue female Ch. Colombian Friend’s Joy N’Pride (out of Ch. Colombian Friend’s Go with Grace).

In 1996 a dream come true. I could buy the 5 ½ year old tricolour male Ch. Snuggletooth Hayseed Hobo from GB. To every Crufts visit he catch my eye and take my heart. He was a true gentlemann with a wonderfull charakter. He died at the age of 14 years.



To get a bigger genepol to germany I take 3 differend high quality males on loan.

2002 Ch. Dalimattas Black Bossanova ( Dalimattas Blue Berry Boy x Dalimattas Smooth N’Sweet) from Finland.

2003 Ch. Foxearth High Frequency ( Foxearth Smooth Finnish x Foxearth Antoc Firelight) from GB.

2005 and 2006 Ch. Honey Melon Hartley Henry ( Dandinas Amazing Spirit x FinBeauty’s Gipsey Girl) from Finland. He impresed me not only through his beauty. His charakter, temperament and showmanship is great, too and I was very happy that he could visit me twice.


My breeding stock had been and are doughters and granddoughters from Ch. Colombian Freinds Joy N’Pride and Ch. Foxearth Fire Imp. Most of the time with the males on loan. like:

-         Ch. Turella’s Josephine (OneWay’s Sex Crime x Ch. Foxearth Fire Imp

-         Ch. Turella’s Nordic Flower ( Ch. Dalimattas Black Bossanova x Ch. Colombian Friend‘s Joy N’Pride)


-         Ch. Turella’s Petit Fleur (Foxearth Finnish Emblem x Ch. Foxearth Josephine)

-         Ch. Turella’s Quintasia ( Ch. Foxearth High Frequency x Ch. Colombian Friend’s Joy N’Pride)

-         Ch. Turella’s Royal Velvet (Ch. Foxearth High Frequency x Ch. Turella’s Nordic Flower)

-         Turella’s U’Ribbie (Ch. Honey Melon Hartley Henry x Ch. Turella’s Quintasia)


In 2005 MDR-1 became for me very important, as one of my puppies died, beeing

MDR-1 -/- and got injection of Dectomax. It is a terrible storry and I do not want that this happen a second time to anybody else.

2006 two female puppies both MDR-1 +/+ come to my kennel. The sable & white “Bella” Ch. Anabella Gold Du Clos Des Duchesses ( Ch. Foxearth High Falutin x Foxearth Flicker of Gold) from France and the tricolour female “Jule” Ch. Rainybanks Summer Night ( Gold Hill’s The Peacekeeper x Stilvalley Black Dymond) from America.

Still I am searching for more males, which are MDR-1 +/+.



3. What are your main interests when planning a litter ?

I don’t want to breed any more MDR 1 -/- puppy. My puppies should be healthy and have a very friendly and outgoing character. They should be easy to train and easy to live with you every day. A dog who like to be in touch with you and is nice to look at. Give you every day lot of fun and happy feelings to own this dog.


    4. How do you choose sires to your litters ?

This is very difficult to describe than most of it is “feeling”.

First I had to look on my bitch which I want to mate and then check the experiences I have taken over the last years. Hopefully I get a feeling for which kind of male I am looking for her. As my females are very differend at the time. The males I am looking for could be differend too.

I look for males who catch my eye and have the friendly temperament I like. Than I have to look on the health results and go on to look deeper in there pedigrees.
If this give the right results and the”right feeling” comes up, hopefully this will be a good combination to my female.


    5. What kind of breeding you think is the best; inbreeding, linebreeding, outcrossing or out-breeding ?

This depend on what you want to reach and develop with your breeding.
Inbreeding, like father to doughter or brother to sister is not allowed here.
Linebreeding could be very interesting, if you choose one or two dogs, or a great litter on which you are doing the linebreeding. You should know the dogs in the prdigree very well, exspecially the dogs you want to do the linebreeding on. They should be more than just beautifull. You should know why you want to do this linebreeding and which points you want to fix which your linebreeding.

I do not belive like many people that outcrossing is a garantee for healthy puppies. You have to know too, as much as possible about the parents of your litter and the dogs in there pedigree. To know as much as possible if they follow your health criterias and type of dog you want to breed. Otherwise you could become more surprised than you want in the one or other thing.

I am not sure what you mean with out-breeding. Is it for example to breed for a CEA non-carrier ? To breed out an defect gene ? Is this not what we should try with every litter, to hold or improve quality in or breed and get healty dogs ?


6. Where your puppies are born and grow ? Do you have seperate kennels ?
   What kind of advise do you give to your new puppy owners ?

 I don’t have any kennelruns for my dogs. All my dogs life with me together in the house and garden and have there regularly dayly walks in nature.

My puppies are born in the “puppy room” and grow in big puppy room and the garden. They have a lot of place in puppy room to play, differed toys, which I change, radio and differend noise on CD. A lot of place in the garden to run and train there body and to discover. If they are old enough (4 weeks of age and older) they will have there visitors too, human and the dogs from my kennel.

If the families visit there puppy for the first time I give to them my written down “Turella’s puppy tips”, which they should read during the time till there puppy is ready to pick up. I have try to write down some informations how to take care and rise a smooth collie puppy and what is good to have at home, when your puppy arrives. If my puppy owners have questions they always can contact me.


7. Perfect smooth collie – how does he look like for you ?
   Name a few smooth collies which have made great impress to you.

 The perfect smooth collie should have a long nice arched neck, good angulations, nice developed, deep ribcage and good forecest. Good bone and strong body. Nice set of tail. Clean and flat skul with nice tipped ears on top of head and lovely eyes which all together give the sweet exspressision on a collie.

 I like dogs who are look like Ch. Newarp Silver Moonbeam, Ch. Foxearth Flourish, Ch. Sandcastles Truth or Dare,Ch. Snuggletooth Hayseed Hobo, Ch. Honey Melon Hartley Henry .... .


8. What are the best and worst qualities of todays smooth collies ?

 Smooth Collies of today are very mixed up in quality and type. So there is no worse thing at all and no best think at all.
I worry a little bit about the people who want to made out of the smooth collie a dog with hight activity and the temperament of a Border Collie. Why did they not choose a Border Collie as there breed ?

Stll the smooth collie is very adaptable in all live situations and has devoted temperament and character what made him to a breed recomanded for todays live.


9. What are the worst qualities of your own lines ?

 I do not think I have develop an “own line”.


10. What about the best qualities ?

 I hope I can keep the good basic quality of my dogs and get more of  that friendly and alwasy happy temperament of my last litters.


11. Name the most significant smooth collies bred by you ?

-         Ch. Turella’s Anjuli (kennel Si-Si Denmark, is in the todays pedigrees through her offspring in the Netherlands)

-         Ch. Turella’s Bea ( kennel of PercysHome, Germany)

-         Ch. Turella’s Floyd (kennel vom Isteiner Klotz, Germany)

-         Turella’s Inspiration (BOB 1. spezial show for smooth collies under Mr Trevor Hayward)

-         Ch. Turella’s Iceflower (kennel Markylla’s, Netherlands, her son is the top winnig smotth collie of tody in the netherlands)


-         Ch. Turella’s Josephine


-         Ch. Turella’s Kimberly (kennel vom Isteiner Klotz, Germany, her littersister Turella’s Kir Royal went to finland kennel Colombian Friend’s)

-         Ch. Turella’s Look at me

-         Turella’s Lovesong (works as a helped for handicaped dog)

-         Ch. Turella’s Moonflower (kennel von dem Eisvogel, Germany)

-         Ch. Turella’s Nordic Flower

-         Ch.Turella’s New Years Eve (kennel Markylla’s, Netherlands)

-         Ch. Turella’s Prince Charming (BOB under Mr. John Blacke through his outstanding clear blue colour) and his littersister Ch. Turella’s Petit Fleur

-         Ch. Turella’s Quintasia


-         Ch. Turella’s Royal Velvet

-         Turella’s Tasi Ticoline (kennel vom Bunten Flieder , Switzerland)

-         Turella’s U’Ribbie

-         Ch. Turella’s Vincent (kennel Marakoopas, Netherlands)

-         Ch. Turella’s Winston

-         Turella’s Zassy (kennel Tucconia’s , Netherlands and her littersister

Turella’s Zalona (kennel Bell Peppers, Finland)


-         Turella’s Arabella (kennel Ramptan Lion, Germany)

 Beside all the other much loved family dogs who are the most significant dogs for there ownrs.


12. Which dogs have greatest influence in your breeding ?

 All dogs named under question 2. How did you proceed from this ?

Exspecially Ch. Foxearth Fire Imp and Ch. Colombian Freind’s Joy N’Pride.
and now Ch. Rainybanks Summer Night and her two litterbrothers.


13. What do you think about inherited disseases like hip dysplasia, CEA and others ?

 Hip dysplasia is no problem in smooth collies.
Mild CEA, like missing teeth did not hurt a dogs live at all, but I like to see CEA clear dogs and full dentition with correct bite.

MDR-1 is very important for me, like the circumstances I have describe before.


14. Important points taking care of a smooth collie.

 Good luck the smooth collie is in general a very healthy breed.

The smooth collie is a friendly dog with devoted, soft charakter, easy to train and a big will to pleace his owner. To develop his wonderfull character he is very dependent on his owner and his owners leadership.
The smooth collie is no breed, who will become happy with live in a kennel run. He need to be close to his owner and his family.


15. How do you see the future looks like ?

 I don’t have a clear picture how the future could be look like.