Ch. Anabella Gold du Clos des Duchesses  "Bella"   zobelweiße Hündin   WT: 13.10.2005  HD A, CEA, PRA, Kat. frei,  MDR-1 +/+

   Ch. Foxearth High Falutin  Ch. Foxearth Sandy Footprints  Ch. Baubon's Oklahoma Oliwer  Ch. Fairlines Last Minute
 Goldbody's Amazing Amazon
 Ch. Sandcastles Oh' La La  Ch. Sunsweet San Franzisko
 Goldbody's Classy Cocktail
  Ch. Foxearth Future Magic  Ch. OneWay's Saakke Per  Ch. OneWay's Errol Flynn
 Ch. OneWay'sFor Your Eyes Only

 Cownbred Hot N'Spicy at Foxearth

Ch. Mistoff Moriarty
Cownbred Aires N'Graces
    Foxearth Flicker of Gold   Ch. OneWay's Skalle Per  Ch. OneWay's Errol Flynn  Ch. OneWay's Got to be a Lover
 Ch. Fairlines Last Born

 Ch. OneWay's For Your Eyes Only

 Ch. OneWay's Dangerous
 Ch. OnrWay's Elvira Rosenknop

  Cownbred Hot N'Spicy at       Foxearth

 Ch. Misstoff Moriarty  Ch. Foxearth Freeman
 Ch. Chicnoir Miss Softey
 Cownbred Aires N'Graces  Foxearth Flynn
 Bothway's Amazing Grace at Cownbred

pedigree of Ch.Anabella Gold du Clos des Duchesses "Bella" sable & white smooth collie bitch born 13.10.2005 HD A, CEA clear, MDR-1 +/+

breeder: Christophe & Sylvie Dancoisne (F)    owner: Claudia Schmidt (D)

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